Get Access to one one one counseling

When living with a chronic disease, having an active support system at your fingertips can make a significant difference in your life. With Thrive we want to make sure that you have the ability to interact with healthcare professionals who can help you Thrive. As a member of the Thrive program you will have access to one on one instruction from our registered respiratory therapist, certified nutritionist, as well as a certified counselor who specializes in helping those with chronic conditions.

Today is the day you take control of your respiratory health.

  • Slow your disease progression in just 8 weeks!
  • Have access to health professional.
  • Exclusive access to your own support group.
  • Learn from a team with over 50 years of combined experience.
  • Learn to manage your disease through, diet, exercise, emotional health, and treatment adherence.

The Thrive Ecosystem

At Thrive, you’ll benefit from our experience as healthcare professionals to provide you with effective and valuable strategies to help you better manage your disease. The key to effective disease management is two fold; Slowing disease progression and managing symptoms.

To accomplish these things you need to employ a combination of exercise, proper nutrition, and an actionable plan for how to monitor your condition and how to recognize and alleviate symptom escalation.

Support Group

No one understands what you’re going through like someone fighting the same battle. In our private support group you’ll be able to interact with respiratory patients like yourself. You can ask questions, share knowledge, and most of all, support one another on this journey.

Read what our students are saying!

I went to pulmonary rehab. It certainly helped me through the idea I was in denial about. I am now able to function as a normal person with o2 along for the ride. The explanation of your lungs and not being able to at or air or build a reserve of air.

Gralyn Farris

I think your programs with resp therapists has been wonderful, I have picked up tips and I am an RN with over 20 years experience now – & still get tips from you.

Judith Webb

This is the most beneficial info I’ve seen on COPD.

Diane B

Download Your COPD Safety Zones Guide Here!

The single most important part of managing a respiratory condition is learning to recognize and act upon the warning signs that signal the onset of an exacerbation.

Discuss these guidelines with your doctor to ensure you understand exactly which medications are to be used when and share the game plan with your care team so that they know what to do in case of emergency.

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