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Thrive ePulmonary is an all encompassing Masterclass on how to take control of your respiratory illness.

Successful disease management is two-fold. You must both slow progression and manage symptoms. Through this course you will learn how to monitor your symptoms so that you can predict, and more importantly, prevent dangerous symptom exacerbation.

Identifying your specific triggers is the most important skill to learn for both symptom management and slowing progression.

This class includes a step by step guide for figuring out your food triggers and how nutrition can be your most effective tool in feeling stronger, and breathing easier.

Proper breathing techniques are essential for maintaining lung function and improving breathlessness. Knowing not just how to do the exercises, but how to employ them to clear airways, calm coughing, and improve breathing, is key for successful COPD management.

These classes provide detailed instruction as well as free material downloads to set you on the path from not just surviving with a lung condition, but THRIVING!!

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I went to pulmonary rehab. It certainly helped me through the idea I was in denial about. I am now able to function as a normal person with o2 along for the ride. The explanation of your lungs and not being able to at or air or build a reserve of air.

Gralyn Farris

I think your programs with resp therapists has been wonderful, I have picked up tips and I am an RN with over 20 years experience now – & still get tips from you.

Judith Webb

This is the most beneficial info I’ve seen on COPD.

Diane B

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

If your symptoms escalate it can mean a trip to the hospital and permanent loss of lung function.

We teach you in our videos how to ensure it doesn’t get to that point.


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