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I went to pulmonary rehab. It certainly helped me through the idea I was in denial about. I am now able to function as a normal person with o2 along for the ride. The explanation of your lungs and not being able to at or air or build a reserve of air.

Gralyn Farris

I think your programs with resp therapists has been wonderful, I have picked up tips and I am an RN with over 20 years experience now – & still get tips from you.

Judith Webb

This is the most beneficial info I’ve seen on COPD.

Diane B

I thank you very much for sending me this information. It is very helpful. I have had COPD for about 15 years and have gone to many pulmonary doctors, twice to pulmonary rehab and this is the first time I have gotten any real help in my breathing from simple exercises. I even went to National Jewish to get help and this is the only help I’ve gotten is the Thrive videos. THANK YOU so much.

Bill U

I have followed your first 3 lessons and have played each one twice. I have severe COPD and this has been helpful. Keep up the good work.

Tom F

Great info. I have had COPD for 12 yrs. and no one has told me any of this

Eric S

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